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How To Tackle Your Student Food Shop On A Budget

After losing the safety net of home-cooked meals, going for your first student food shop isn’t as easy as you’d think. How can you...

The best free things to do in Southampton

The Best Free Things To Do In Southampton

During your uni years, you won’t want to be held back from throwing yourself into new experiences and activities. But enjoying life on a...

How to stay healthy at University

How To Stay Healthy At University

University students have a lot going on in their lives, from the difficult task of keeping their grades afloat, to the demands of a...

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Best Drinking Games For Uni Students

Getting drunk amongst friends is usually fun, but there’s nothing quite like a drinking game to get your uni night out started. Drinking games...

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How To Fix Writer’s Block At University

We’ve all been there. Psyched up to write an award-winning essay, you suddenly hit a wall and have no idea where to start. Writer’s...

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How to study as a single parent at University

Going to University is difficult enough when you only have yourself to worry about. Add on the commitment of being a parent, and the...


Easter Activities For University Students

With Easter season fast approaching, there are a lot of reasons for students to be egg-cited. The Easter holidays come with the promise of...


What To Do During University Summer Break

Few feelings are as sweet for a student as the arrival of summer. Exams finished, essays handed in, and the reward of amazing weather...