What are private student halls? 

Choosing where to live while you study is a big decision. After all, while you’ll spend a fraction of your uni life at classes, pubs and clubs, the bulk of your time will be spent at home! Thankfully, the average student has a world of variety at their fingertips, whether you go for regular uni halls, rent with a landlord, or find yourself some private student accommodation.  

You might think of private student halls as the more pricey option, but you’ll definitely be getting more bang for your buck. Learn more about the glories of private student accommodation below: 

What is private student accommodation? 

Private student halls are buildings designed to house students, and are managed by third-party companies not necessarily linked to a University. This is different from uni halls, which are student homes managed by your University, and student housing, where you rent a home with a landlord.  

The benefits of private student halls: 

  • Higher quality than university halls 
  • Great locations  
  • Plenty of social opportunities  
  • All-inclusive bills 

Higher quality than university halls 

When you rent private student accommodation, you can expect an apartment a cut above the rest. Just like at uni halls, you’ll get a cozy bed, a study space and a shared kitchen. But you’ll also get to take advantage of added bonuses like cleaning services, activity-filled communal rooms and a friendly team who can solve any issues you might have. 

Great locations  

Private student halls are purpose-built to make getting to university a piece of cake. As well as being located near your student campus, private accommodation is often embedded in the most lively areas of the city, meaning you’ll feel right at home in no time (and save a ton of travel money in the process!) 

Plenty of social opportunities  

Okay, so university halls are a great avenue to meet new people on your course or university. But with private student halls, you can open up your social circles even further, engaging with people from other universities in your city. You’ll meet people from diverse backgrounds, and enjoy twice the amount of social opportunities! 

All-inclusive bills 

Renting private student accommodation means you won’t discover any hidden surprises when it comes to the paperwork. At Every Student, the lump sum you pay will cover everything, including your bills, cleaning and your speedy broadband service.  

At Every Student, our private student halls are designed to make your day-to-day life easier, at a price you can afford. Starting from just £83 per week, our student flats in Southampton and Aberdeen are designed to elevate your uni experience! 

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