Valentine’s ideas for students on a budget 

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time of year. While many feel the pressure of having a Valentine to begin with, others deal with the expectation of dropping a spectacular romantic gesture. Throw in the implications for your bank balance, and it’s no surprise why the day can be so challenging when you’re a student. 

Got someone special in your life, but held back by a student budget? Don’t sweat it. Here are some of the best Valentine ideas for a student on a budget. 

Romantic movie night

Few things are more affordably romantic than a DIY movie night. All you need is to set the scene, using your choice of streaming service, laptop or even projector screen, and make sure you get film snacks like popcorn and your choice of sweets. And if you’ve got some extra cash to spare, why not pair your film night with a great takeaway?

Get creative

You don’t need to be artistic to create something lovely and handmade for your partner (okay maybe it helps a little bit). Whether you want to use clay, glitter, cards or anything you can scrap together, handmade gifts are always a bit more special than something you can buy in a store. What’s more, it can be a really fun activity to share with your partner. Who knows, you could end up producing something magical. 

A romantic stroll around your city

February can be a bit of a chilly month, but heading out for a stroll is a great way to connect with your date, while you connect with nature. Thankfully, whether you choose to study in Southampton or Aberdeen, you’ll find plenty of scenic walking paths to explore. Southampton boasts the Titanic Trail, where you can learn more about the tragic event that inspired the sweepingly romantic film. At Aberdeen, you can find Union Terrace Gardens, a stunning public park surrounded by green spaces. 

Have a games night

Setting up a game night gives you an opportunity to see another side to your date – the competitive side. You can use cards, expansive board games, or a question-based game designed to learn more about each other. This is an easy way to design a fun date night, and also costs virtually nothing. Want more contenders? Test your mettle against another couple on a double date!

Bake heart-shaped cookies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like handmade cookies shaped like hearts. So if you’re stuck for things to do, just find an easy recipe online, get your ingredients, and start cooking. Even if the end result doesn’t taste incredible, this is a great excuse to bond with your date over a mutual love of baked goods. 

Prepare a meal at home

You might have to pay for the ingredients, but making a romantic meal at home is way more affordable than going out for dinner. This can also be a shared experience with you and your date, where you compete to decide who picks a starter, main and dessert. Once you’ve decided what to cook and how, set a romantic vibe in your dining room with some candles and maybe even some music that reminds you of each other!
At Every Student, our affordable student rooms mean you can enjoy some extra cash to fund your uni lifestyle. You can find yourself a room for as little as £85 in Aberdeen, and £119 in Southampton. With a spacious dining area and lively common rooms, it could be the perfect setting for your Valentine’s evening.

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