Summer job ideas for University students

Summer is the best time of year… if you have the cash to finance it that is. For many students, snagging a part-time job is vital to enjoying a fulfilling summer. After all, the money you need for pub gardens, festivals and holidays won’t just appear out of thin air! 

Beyond concerns about money, getting a summer job is also good for boosting your CV with real-world experience before you graduate. You could do something career-related, or just have fun raking in the part-time cash. Check out our run-down of the best summer jobs for students below! 

Good part time summer jobs: 

  • Summer internship 
  • Festival staff 
  • Bartending 
  • Summer camp 
  • Retail 
  • Theme park 
  • Outdoor fundraising  

Summer internship 

If you want to get some work experience for a future career, look no further than a summer internship. This is the most productive option on the list, giving you specific skills for your field of choice. As you can imagine, summer internships are highly competitive – so the earlier you apply, and the more you apply for, the better chance you’ll have of landing one! 

Festival staff 

Working at a festival is one of the best summer jobs for students – particularly those who love music. In exchange for working at a bar, merchandise or security, you can see live music for free! Just try not to get caught watching the stage when customers come calling. 


Bartending is one of the most popular jobs to take up over summer. The shifts are usually flexible, you meet a lot of new people, and when it gets quiet you can bask in the party atmosphere. You’ll also be able to impress your mates with all of the cocktails you’ve learned to make! 

Summer camp 

Does your dream career involve kids? Get yourself a job at a summer camp! There are a range of different summer camps located around the UK, focussing on things ranging from sports to music and adventure. As well as giving you hands-on experience in childcare, you’ll also have a lot of fun in the process. 


Okay, so retail jobs can often get quite stressful. But if you desperately need a flexible part-time job to finance your summer, a retail job is probably the most obvious way to do it. Customer service can be challenging, but you’ll gain invaluable skills like communication, patience and teamwork! 

Theme Park 

Is there anything more fun than spending a summer working at a theme park? You’ll meet new friends, enjoy summer weather, and maybe even get a whirl on the roller coasters (if you’re not scared of heights, that is). If it’s a water park, even better! 

Outdoor fundraising 

If you want a job where you can make a positive difference, why not help out a charity with fundraising? There are loads of charities that would welcome your support, and pay handsomely for your efforts! While it can be intimidating, a fundraising job is a great way to build up your confidence and get outside during summer. 

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