Student Accommodation In Southampton £85 A Week Student Accommodation In Southampton £85 A Week

Our Student Accommodation Offers

Book your student accommodation in Southampton with us at Lucia Foster Welch where rooms only cost £85 a week with everything included.

£85 Price Freeze

22/23 Academic Year

£85 Price Freeze

Don’t let heating (and other) bill increases leave you feeling cold. Book now for the 2022/23 academic year and secure our £85 a week all-in deal today.

Limited rooms available at the lower price! 

£150 Cashback

When You Book With Mates

£150 Cashback

Better still, if you decide to book with 4 or more of your friends, you’ll each get £150 cash when you move in next September. 

You need to book before 01/07/22 to get this amazing offer and confirm the names of your friends you’d like to live with when you book! 

T&Cs apply, click here for more information.

£85 A Week Rent