Our Student Accommodation Offers

Book your student accommodation in Southampton with us at Lucia Foster Welch for September 2022/3 before 31/12/21 and get your room £85 a week with everything included! Don’t let rising bill costs freeze you out next year!  


Better still, if you and 4 or more of your mates book together, we’ll give you £150 cash  back each.*

Great Offers

Be Like Bernard & Get

Great Offers

Seen Bernard around town anywhere? Spotted an ad on YouTube and social media? Nice one if you have. 

We’re the new owners at Lucia Foster Welch and we want university students to enjoy coming back to Southampton. Benefit from everything this vibrant city has to offer all summer.

Check out our offers below.

Get £150 Cash

Book With Your Mates

Get £150 Cash

That’s right! You can get £150 cash from us if you choose to book with us before 31/12/21 with 4 or more of your mates.

If you and your mates want to enjoy £85 per week rent each with everything included from 10th September 2022, then book your accommodation for next year by 31/12/21 and we’ll give you £150 cash each when you move in.*

There are some T&Cs which you need to read and be happy to agree to before moving in. Click here to have a read.

Price Freeze

£85 Per Week

Price Freeze

Don’t let heating (and other) bill increases leave you feeling cold. 

Book now for September 2022/23 year and secure our all-in deal today where we’ve frozen the price at £85 per week for all-inclusive rent. Book before 31/12/21.

£85 A Week Rent