How To Study And Adapt To Life Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure. Still, it would take a fearless person to not be a bit scared. So why study abroad? Because it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn and appreciate a new way of life! Still need convincing? Read on to learn how to study abroad and adapt to this scary but exciting chapter of your life.

Take part

Throw yourself into every and any activity you can. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Say yes to (mostly) everything. This is the best way to meet new like-minded people! Whatever you do, never close yourself off to new opportunities.

Meet other international students

Find people who know what you are going through. By studying abroad at the University of Southampton or Solent University, you’ll be surrounded by international students every day. You should aim to meet as many different people as you can but chatting to people who share your experiences will make your education abroad a lot easier.
Bring something that reminds you of home
If you are going to uni abroad, chances are you will get homesick. Don’t worry. It is perfectly natural to miss home. Bringing a reminder of home could be the distraction you need to get by. Whether it’s a family photo, a specific food or even a childhood toy, home is where the heart is!

Explore your new city

There’s no better way to learn about your city than touring it by foot. Go outside, get your bearings and discover what’s great about your city. Southampton is full of walkable spaces – why not start with a peaceful stroll around the Titanic Walk?

Get support

If you are struggling to adapt to your new home, your uni is full of people to talk to. From study abroad consultants to your personal tutor, there will always be someone to help. If all else fails, remember to keep in touch with friends and family from home. A quick video chat could be the lift you need!

Do you want to study abroad? Every Student’s affordable student rooms will make settling into your new home easier than ever. Prep for an important quiz in our cozy study spaces, or meet new people over a game of pool!

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