How To Stay Healthy At University

University students have a lot going on in their lives, from the difficult task of keeping their grades afloat, to the demands of a busy social calendar. With so much to keep track of and no parents to guide you, it can be easy for students to let their health fall by the wayside.  

Whether you end up suffering from mental or physical health problems, staying healthy at University is vital to getting the most out of your uni years. Check out some of our top tips for keeping yourself in tip-top condition! 

Health tips for University students 

  • Think about what you’re eating 
  • Keep a lid on alcohol, and drink lots of water 
  • Try not to stress yourself out 
  • Ensure you get enough sleep 
  • Register with a doctor near your uni 
  • Get some exercise 

Think about what you’re eating 

Eating healthy at University can feel a bit like a mission without the crutch of your parent’s home-cooked meals. But while it’s tempting to binge on a diet of takeaway pizza and instant noodles, your body and mind deserves better!  

It’s okay to eat unhealthy sometimes, but the majority of your food should be packed full of home-cooked fruit and veg. Wondering how to eat healthy at University? Check out some of our quick and easy student recipes. 

Get some exercise 

Exercise might seem like a chore, but the impact it has on your physical and mental health is hard to ignore. Visit your uni gym, join a sports club, or even go on short runs from time to time. Stay at it, and your mood and energy levels will make keeping up with uni life easier than ever. 

Drink lots of water 

We get it, H2O isn’t the first drink that you’ll think of sipping when you get to University. But staying hydrated has a host of benefits that students can take advantage of – improved concentration, including improved memory, concentration and skin health.  

Wondering how much water to drink per day? Try and get through at least 6 cups a day. If you plan on having some memorable alcohol-fuelled nights, you’ll also want to glug gallons of water to boost your recovery.  

Try not to stress yourself out 

To prevent your stress becoming a serious problem, do everything you can to stay on top of things. Get a planner full of important dates, and ensure nothing slips by you. If all else fails, get in touch with your University’s wellbeing services to get all the help you need! 

Keeping track of exam dates and coursework deadlines is a stressful task on its own – chuck in your social life and finances, and it’s easy to see how your mental health can be affected at University.  

Ensure you get enough sleep 

Sleep might not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re having the time of your life and have late assignments to finish, but getting enough shut eye is vital to your health at University. It can give you more energy, higher memory span and a brighter mood during the day! 

Get into the habit of going to sleep at the same time every day, and strive to get at least 7 hours of sleep when you can. The bright light of your phone won’t help you fall asleep any sooner, so try and enjoy an hour of downtime before you hit the hay. 

Register with a doctor near your uni 

If you get hit by a nasty cold or something even worse, it’s comforting to know you have a local GP to count on. Make it your priority to sign up as soon as you’ve started uni. Doctor’s don’t just help when sudden illnesses pop up – you can also ask them questions about your mental and sexual health! 

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