How to start blogging at university

Looking for something to keep your brain ticking during University downtime? Think about starting your own blog. Knowing how to create a blog just requires a bit of inspiration. Find an idea, scribble down your thoughts, and you’re good to go! Head bursting full of ideas? Get started with our guide on how to become a blogger.

What is a blog and how to start one?

A blog is a regularly updated online journal that can be used for personal use, or to fulfil the needs of a business. Setting up a blog is a great way to kill time, but also a useful skill to showcase to future employers. Your blog can be about anything – the more original, the better! You can find out how to start writing a blog below.

1)   Find a topic

Find a topic you know like the back of your hand. Think of something that you can speak for ages about, whether its films or exotic fish. Look at how other sites write about your topic, and throw a unique spin on the way you do it. A restaurant review blog might be a good start, even better if you frame it as a dramatic diary entry.

2)   Know your audience

Once you know who you are writing for, you can nail the tone and content of your blog. Are you doing University blogging addressed to a younger audience? Keep it short and snappy. Are you writing about a specialist topic? Use the right terms and know what you’re talking about!

3)   Keep it relevant

Strike while the iron is hot. Did something interesting happen in the news? Post some relevant content as soon as you can. Tackling a hot topic will mean that more people look to your content for explanations and insight. Just make sure you are well-informed before you dive in!

4) Find a platform

Where is your content going? Pick a platform that suits your budget and style of writing. If you want to know how to start a blog for free, look at Wix or Tumblr. For more control over design, WordPress is also a popular option!

5)   Experiment with different formats

Don’t be restricted to writing. Get creative with your content to keep your audience entertained. You could do video blogs over Youtube, or make a lively how-to guide on Tik Tok. This will expand your reach and get you in touch with all kinds of people.

6)   Share your links

The best way to get exposure is to share your blog posts everywhere. Don’t be shy – post your new blog posts on social media for friends and family, but also on student forums where your peers can see. Interaction is everything, so don’t forget to reply to any comments you get – good or bad.

If you need a special space to get your ideas out there, Every Student is here to help. Our range of affordable student rooms also includes a tidy study desk to brainstorm content ideas. If you ever run into writer’s block, this is the place to do it!

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