How to spring clean your student flat – spring cleaning list

After the cold of winter gives way to the gentle breeze of spring, there’s no better time to give your room a refresh. Spring cleaning your student flat is a perfect excuse to blow away the cobwebs and prepare for the warmer seasons ahead. But with a lot to think about, spring cleaning clutter can be a bit of a daunting task.

Looking for the secrets on how to spring clean your student flat in record time? Check out our spring cleaning tips so you can start spring in style.

Student room spring cleaning checklist

  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom

Cleaning your hallway

As the entryway to your student room, your hallway is the first impression that anyone will have of your room. Start by cleaning your door – give extra attention to your window panes, and don’t forget to polish your door frame. Then, set about clearing and mopping your floors. 

Once you’ve cleaned all of your surfaces, you can organise your favourite shoes and jackets. This way when you leave the room your essentials will never be too far away!

Cleaning your kitchen

If left unchecked, your kitchen can easily become the messiest part of your student room. This is because cooking and eating your food will lead up to a buildup of food splatters, grease and oil. 

First, get your small appliances out of the way. From your toaster to your microwave, dust and wipe every surface of your small appliances. From here, move on to your large appliances like your fridge and dishwasher. Empty your fridge of everything (throwing expired items away) and give every drawer and shelf a deep clean. 

Once you’ve got your appliances out of the way, clear all of your countertops so you can focus on cleaning the surfaces of your kitchen. This includes wiping any dining areas, mopping your floor, and dusting hard to reach areas like the top of your fridge and ceiling. For storage cabinets, remove any items to give the insides a thorough clean.

Cleaning your bedroom

Your bedroom is your safe haven after a long day of studying (or partying). But no-one wants a messy bedroom to return to. Wash all of your bedding, including your pillows and cases. If you have a carpet, vacuum all of your floors (but be careful about small jewellery or coins). 

Wipe your window sills, and vacuum clean your curtains. Do you have a messy wardrobe? Get rid of any clothing you don’t need, and organise everything that you do. It will make picking that dream outfit much easier in the future! 

Cleaning your living room

Whether you’re watching some tv or hosting fun game nights, you’ll probably end up spending most of your time in the common room. Unless you want to be surrounded by rubbish, this should be one of the most important rooms on the list!

Make it a priority to check between your furniture for dust, food wrappers or lost pennies. Vacuum your carpet and underneath your sofa, as these areas attract dust like nowhere else.

Cleaning your bathroom

It’s not hard to see why cleaning your bathroom is the most dreaded part of spring cleaning your student room. Cleaning your toilet isn’t a fun job, but someone has to do it! Remove your toilet seat, and use bleach to clean and disinfect your toilet, inside and out. 

After you’ve got this difficult task out of the way, it gets a lot easier. Remove any products that you don’t use anymore, and organise your other toiletries neatly. Wipe your mirror, scrub your floors, and clean your tub and shower. Make sure to clean your shower walls or curtains, depending on what you have.

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