How To Save Money As A Student

Are you a student suffering from money issues? Join the club. Unless you belong to a lucky minority, every student will at some point face the reality of being skint. If you want a stress free life, the importance of saving money as a student can’t be knocked. Now is the time to take action. Find out how to live cheap as a student below! 

Money saving tips for students 

  • Consider living at home (if you can) 
  • Take advantage of pre-drinks 
  • Cook for yourself 
  • Make a plan for your student loan 
  • Choose a good student bank account 
  • Make the most of student discounts 
  • Look for free events 
  • Leave your card at home 

Consider living at home (if you can) 

Wondering how to save money every month as a student? Take a look at your living situation. No-one wants to miss out on the fun and independence of living in student accommodation. But without the monthly cost of living, you’ll absolutely be rolling in cash. Why not spend one or two years in halls, and mix it up by living at home? 

Take advantage of pre-drinks 

Depending on where your uni is, alcohol at bars can cost a fortune. This is where pre-drinks come in. Get your fill of alcohol from a cheap supermarket or off licence, and you’ll never have to pay double digits for a drink again. Well, unless you want to.  

Cook for yourself 

Resist the urge of a regular takeaway or meal out. You can cook easy student meals on a budget, and cut down the amount of money you shift on expensive meals. Cooking at home won’t just save you money – it’ll also make you healthier! 

Make a plan for your student loan 

It can be tempting to blow all of your student loans in one go. Don’t. By preparing a plan for how you allocate your student loan, you can ensure you never have to scramble for pennies to live on at the end of term. Prioritise your essentials like travel, food and utilities, and work from here! 

Choose a good student bank account 

There are loads of options out there for student bank accounts. Many come with hidden benefits like freebies or discounts – you just need to work out the best one for you. Ideally you’ll never need to go into your overdraft. But if you do, find a bank account that doesn’t charge any interest! 

Make the most of student discounts 

Student discount is an unmissable part of being a student. You can get student discounts pretty much anywhere, from restaurants to clothing stores and much more besides. It is always worth slipping in a ‘do you do student discount?’ before you spend your hard-earned cash somewhere.  

Look for free entertainment 

There’s no such thing as free fun right? Wrong. It is possible to have free entertainment in any city – you just need to know where to look. Check out a website like to find out what is happening in your city. You could discover a free film, a free concert, a free anything! 

Leave your card at home 

A debit or credit card does not mean limitless money within the palm of your hand. Use cash, and you’ll always know how much money you have to play with. Take this tip, and you’ll be on your way to cutting out reckless spending. 

Rent an Every Student room! 

Saving money as a student is easier than ever with Every Student’s affordable accommodation. As well as being cozy and convenient, these student rooms will leave you plenty of spare cash to enjoy the rest of your student experience

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