How to recover from freshers flu 

Like hungover lectures and last-minute essay submissions, freshers’ flu is a pretty inevitable part of the uni experience. If you’re intending to be out most or every single night of freshers week, chances are it will come back to bite you! 

Catching freshers flu at the start of your uni term is super inconvenient, but with the right guidance you can be back to your regular healthy self in no time. Check out some of our tips for how you can treat freshers flu! 

But first, what are the symptoms of freshers flu? 

Freshers flu will bring you all of the symptoms of a common cold, but with a nasty twist. This means you can expect a headache, a cough, a fever, shivering, and sometimes even nausea. If you do catch a bout of freshers flu, you will know about it. 

How to get rid of freshers flu quickly: 

  • Drink your bodyweight in water 
  • Get plenty of sleep 
  • Take some paracetamol  
  • Eat nutritious foods 
  • Get enough Vitamin C 
  • Don’t go out every night! 

Drink your bodyweight in water 

This might sound obvious, but drinking plenty of water is key to helping your body recover from illness. Stay hydrated and your body will have all of the help it needs to expel those pesky freshers’ flu cells out of your body! 

Get plenty of sleep 

Rest and recovery goes hand in hand – your body needs sleep to rebuild your immune system, and fight off the toxins that got you there in the first place. Aim to get around 7 hours of sleep a night, and you’ll be back to your best before you know it. 

Take some paracetamol  

Paracetamol won’t make you recover any quicker, but it will help you get past some of the more annoying symptoms. You can go down the conventional route of taking paracetamol with a glass of water, or drink a flavoured remedy like Lemsip. If you have a blocked nose, paracetamol can be a big help if you are struggling to get to sleep at night! 

Eat nutritious foods 

Say a temporary goodbye to junk food, and get some nutritious food in your system. It might seem difficult to cook food while you’re ill, but eating plenty of fruit and veg will give your body the help  it needs to recover more quickly. Your favourite takeaways will still be waiting for you when you recover! 

Get enough Vitamin C 

If you’re looking to recover sooner rather than later, keep your eyes peeled for foods rich in Vitamin C! Found in things like oranges and broccoli, Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and helps to keep your body healthy. You can also use Vitamin C tablets and sachets! 

Don’t go out every night! 

You might feel like you are missing out on a world of fun, but limiting the amount of time you go out will make it much easier for your body to recover! Whatever you do, don’t go on a night out when you still have symptoms – as well as making yourself feel worse (alcohol and illness are not the best mix), you’ll also risk infecting your friends! 

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