How To Manage Your Time At University

University is a hectic time. Deadlines, parties and the demands of independent life mean that time is precious. Time management at university is a skill that many want, but few possess. Which is a shame, because learning how to manage time effectively as a university student will make university life 10 times easier. Find out how you can pick up this handy skill below!

1) Use a life timetable

The first step towards time management for university students – have a plan! Give yourself space for socialising, study time, and sleep! If you have a pressing deadline, try to restrict the fun activities to once or twice a week. If you work a job on the side, figure in some time for this too. Give structure to your life so you never feel hurried or rushed.

2) Put your work first!

It’s tempting to spend most of your time partying and living your best life. Resist temptation and prioritise work you urgently need to do. Start by identifying everything you need to do. Complete your work before you get onto socialising and entertainment. Never leave work to the last minute!

3) Set a timer

Setting a timer for studying will make sure you never waste any of your sacred time. If you have an exam incoming, give yourself 15-minute study breaks for any hour of studying you do. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete any work that might take you longer than expected.

4) Be realistic about study time

You can’t spend all your time either partying or studying. Compromise is everything. Of course, make sure that all your topic areas get the right amount of attention. Don’t give yourself a mountain of work in a short space of time.

5) Give yourself a time out

As well as being realistic about the amount of time you are studying, be sure to allocate some space for down time. Your brain will not be at its best if all you know is study, study and study!

6) Remove distractions

You might think you can complete work while watching your favourite show, but you can’t. If you are obsessed with your phone or gaming device, give yourself some much-needed space during study time. Put your phone on snooze to avoid going down a rabbit hole of Twitter or Tik Tok scrolling. Better yet, remove it from your study space entirely.

7) Find a study space that works for you

Pick a study space that works and stick to it. Working at home may feel convenient, but the distraction of flatmates or family members can be disastrous for your study plans. Look for a nice library. Take advantage of your nearby coffee shop. Go to a peaceful park. If any of your fave spaces get taken, have a backup plan!

If you need a calm space to get your student life in order, Every Student’s accommodation option cannot be topped! The study spaces are a perfect spot to rack your brain around a difficult topic, and you can take a well-deserved break from studying in one of our cosy common rooms. Remember – balance is key!

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