How To Manage Working And Studying

Work and study are difficult enough in their own right. But working and studying full time is a whole other level of difficulty. Managing your work responsibilities with your uni deadlines is a delicate balancing act, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Scratching your head about how to manage study with a full time job? Check out our priceless tips on working whilst at uni.

  • Make a plan
  • Keep a good relationship with your employer and tutor
  • Take advantage of your free time
  • Don’t take on more than you can deal with
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Try to work a job related to your degree

Make a plan

Mark every important date on your planner. Exam dates, work shifts, essay deadlines – everything. Put your planner in a place where you can easily see it, and then you can work your spare time around it. This will help you avoid any creeping deadlines around the time that you need to work!

Keep a good relationship with your employer and tutor

Keep your employer updated with your responsibilities at uni. If you are able to build a solid relationship with your employer, it will be easier to ask for work shifts that work around uni deadlines.

This also goes for your tutor. Your tutor may not be able to ease the burden of work on your shoulders, but it always pays to let them know if you might be struggling to meet a certain deadline. Who knows, maybe you could even get an extension!

Take advantage of your free time

When you are constantly on the go, any free time you have becomes precious. If you have a pressing essay deadline or exam to prepare for, make the most of it. Otherwise, make your free time, me time. Catch up on your favourite show, spend time with friends and family, or take a walk through your uni campus.

Don’t take on more than you can deal with

An extra shift when you need money can be hard to resist. But if you’ve got too much to do at uni, this could end up being too much to handle. Only take on extra work when you know you can do it without running out of steam. Everyone needs some time to unwind between work, so don’t stretch yourself too thin. Know when to say no!

Get plenty of sleep

No-one can function without the right amount of sleep. But especially if you spend most of your time working or studying. Waking up earlier in the morning will help you to make more of your day, but never sacrifice sleep to fulfil your work or study responsibilities. Try to get a sensible amount of sleep every day – ideally 7 to 8 hours.

Try to work a job related to your degree

If you can find one, working a part-time job related to your degree will pay dividends. For example, if you are doing a degree in law, an internship at a law firm would hit the spot. Find a side job related to your degree, and you’ll essentially be learning on the job as well as at uni.

Balancing your work with your studies is definitely not for everyone. But if you do want to make some extra cash while you study, Every Student’s affordable student rooms can’t be topped. As well as saving you money on rent, you can plan your time, pull off a study sesh and get some well-earned sleep after a long shift!

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