How to make your student accommodation more eco-friendly

Whether it’s essay deadlines or keeping up with social activities, the average uni student has a hundred things on their mind. However, it’s also important to think about the way your decisions impact the environment around you. This might seem like a hindrance to your day-to-day student life, but making small eco-friendly changes is easier than you might think.

Looking to become a more eco-conscious uni student? Here are a few changes you can become more eco-friendly from the comfort of your student accommodation:

Ways to be more eco-friendly at home:

  • Be conservative with your water
  • Turn your appliances off when you’re not using them
  • Don’t flush anything out of the ordinary
  • Recycle everything you can
  • Sell or donate things you don’t need

Be conservative with your water

Unless you want to be followed around by an odd smell, no-one can really live without water. But there are ways that you can cut down on your usage. Avoid baths as much as possible (go for shorter showers), and be wary of how often you leave your tap running. It’s easy to do this when you brush your teeth or wash the dishes, but keep on a sharp lookout if you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Turn your appliances off when you’re not using them

We know how easy it is to leave your TV on after falling asleep, or leaving your light on in a room you’re not using. But being more vigilant about what energy you use can make a huge difference to the environment. Get into the habit of making small changes like taking your phone off charge overnight, and turning appliances on standby whenever you’re finished with them. As an added bonus, you’ll also save a ton of cash on electricity and energy bills!

Don’t flush anything out of the ordinary 

When you’re in the bathroom, you might be tempted to flush something unusual just out of convenience. However, if you flush something that isn’t toilet paper, this could make a big impact on the environment. Did you know that up to 8% of the plastic in the ocean comes from the random objects we put down the toilet? If you didn’t, it’s not too late to do your part. Try to avoid flushing waste like tampons, plastic ear buds, nappies and wet wipes. If in doubt, stick to toilet paper. 

Recycle everything you can

This is an obvious one, but recycle as much plastic as humanly possible. If it’s plastic or cardboard, chances are your waste can be thrown straight in a recycling bin. You probably already know, but recycling is a way to dispose of waste that supports the ecosystem and reduces pollution. You can also look into getting some food bins so your food waste is recycled in a way that helps the environment. 

Sell or donate things you don’t need 

As a uni student, it’s tempting to buy so many new things that you simply don’t have space to put them. If you are someone who always wants the latest thing, be sure to start getting rid of things you no longer need. This could be pre-owned textbooks, old clothes or small items of furniture. You can sell things on applications like Gumtree or Depop, or simply give things away for free if you’re feeling extra generous.

With Every Student, you’ll enjoy an ideal environment to start living out your eco-friendly lifestyle. With recycling facilities at every site, there’s no excuse not to start making small changes to support the environment. Check out our student flats at Aberdeen and Southampton, and start saving the planet today!

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