How to make revision fun 

Revision is something that everyone has to do at some point (unless you like failing), but no-one really enjoys it. However, with some nifty tricks and little changes, you can turn the gloomy process of revising into a SLIGHTLY more enjoyable experience. Here’s how to do it: 

Watch an educational film 

Watching a film can be a great way to supplement your learning, without boring yourself to sleep. Whether you are reading a book that got turned into a film, or are studying a very filmable part of history, pretty much everything has been turned into a film at some point. Just don’t think you can substitute watching a film for your regular revision!

Make it a game 

Do you have a competitive spirit? Revision could be a way to harness your thrill for competition, either against yourself or your classmates. From flashcards to memory challenges or trivia games, there are loads of ways for you to turn revision into a fun game. 

Play some (non-distracting) music 

Studying in silence for hours is enough to drive anyone mad. So if you can find some mellow music to play in the background, time to turn your study space into a mini party. Just try to keep it light on lyrics – unless you can resist the urge to put on your own mini concert from home.

Switch up your scenery 

Slaving away in your student room will get boring for anyone at some point. So if you need a way to freshen up your brain, why not consider a change of scenery? Take your study books to the park, a beach or simply an area you associate with fun. You’ll feel energised and ready to tackle the same material with a fresh perspective!

Study with your friends 

Everything is more fun with friends, and revision is no different. Simply having someone there to soldier through a day of revision can give you an extra boost to get through it all. If you’re studying the same course, working with friends can also help to boost your understanding of a topic you can’t get your head around.

Get some colourful stationery  

Having trouble mustering up the inspiration to study? It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about studying when you have an exciting new stationary kit to work with. Just think back to the first week of term at school, when you can’t wait to unwrap and use your new stationary. Think colourful post-its, interesting gel pens, and cool notebooks!

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