How To Make Money As A Student In Southampton

No one wants to be broke at University. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a fun event because of a low bank balance. And everyone deserves to go out for a nice meal once in a while! Wondering how to make money in university? Wonder no longer. There are plenty of ways to make money as a student – you just have to get creative! 

Get a part-time job 

Okay, so this is pretty obvious. But the best way to earn money as a student is to get a part-time job! Whether it’s a clothes store, a restaurant or local gym, part-time jobs and students are a match made in heaven. If you can find something that gives you valuable experience for future life, even better!  

Resell clothes you don’t need 

Unsure about what to do as a student to earn money? Start by taking a look in your closet! You may find that you have loads of clothes that you haven’t worn in months – it’s time to give them a new home. Apps like Vinted and Depop are incredibly popular for students trying to make a little extra money. Who knows – you could make a killing! 

Market research studies 

One of the most simple ways to earn money as a student – take part in online surveys! All you need is some time and a whole lot of patience. There are a number of online surveys that reward your answers with cold-hard cash – get hunting! 


If you’ve got brains to spare, why not put your academic expertise to good use? Find out if your University provides a tutoring service and throw your hat in the ring. Otherwise, advertise your tutoring talents using an online service like Preply. You’ll be able to help others while getting paid for it! 

Become a delivery driver 

If you own a bike and a smartphone, becoming a delivery driver just makes sense. Sign up for a specialist company like Deliveroo, and you’ll be rewarded with a nifty reflective jacket, and up to £12 per hour making food deliveries. Best part – you’ll get active and boost your fitness, while making money! 

Sell old course books 

After you’ve passed an exam with flying colours, your old course books won’t have much value. That is, not for you. Why not pass on your books to someone else for a discounted price? Some course books can cost a fortune, so you’ll be doing someone a massive favour.  

Become a content influencer 

This is a long road to money-making, but the rewards are more than worthwhile. If you have a creative idea that you want to showcase online, get active on Youtube and Tiktok. Youtube gives you £1.10 per 1000 views, giving you a slim chance of raking it in with your content. Success isn’t guaranteed, but fun is! 

Learning how to earn money as a student is a skill that everyone should pick up. Every Student’s student room will make budgeting during uni even easier by giving you high-quality accommodation at a price you can afford!

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