How to make friends at University (an embarrassment-free guide)

University is the perfect time to break out of your shell. With plenty of fun to be had and the sheer joy of deadline-related stress to be shared, knowing how to make friends at uni will help make your University years truly special. 

If you are a bit of a social wallflower, making friends at university might not come naturally. But with our trusty guide, you can learn a few tips on how to find your people. 

1.) Join Facebook groups 

Before your course starts officially, joining different Facebook groups for your course will let you get the jump on your future classmates. If you are feeling super bold, why not add some people from your course and get chatting – what’s the worst that could happen? 

2.) Attend freshers’ events 

Struggling to make friends at uni? There is no better place to start than freshers’ week. There will be plenty of nights out for you to meet and chat to new people, fuelled by the ultimate ice-breaker – sweet, sweet alcohol. Southampton uni has an especially lively nightlife, and you won’t want to miss out on any of the delights in store. 

If alcohol isn’t quite your speed, there are loads of other, sober ways for you to put yourself out there… 

3.) Join a society 

By joining a society based on your interests, you are surrounding yourself with people who are just like you. Whether it’s music, movies or sports, it will be easy for you to find common ground doing something you love with other people. 

4.) Join a study group 

Studying doesn’t need to be done alone in a dark room. As well as making study time fun, joining forces with fellow students is a great way of meeting new like-minded people. Just try not to be that person who contributes nothing to the group project, and still gets a First.  

5.) Don’t sit alone at lectures 

If you’ve ever turned up late to a lecture before, you’ll know that lecture halls can be pretty intimidating. But if you can get past the resulting death stare from your lecturer, they can also be a great spot to make friends at uni. Attend as many lectures as you can, don’t sit yourself apart from the group, and you’ll soon get a sense of the people on your course.  

6.) Stay in touch with old friends 

Knowing how to make new friends at uni is important, but try and stay in touch with the friends you already have! If uni life ever gets too busy, something small like sending a text or arranging a video call will show your old friends that you are still aware of their existence. Putting yourself out there is a lot easier when you have someone you’ve known for ages by your side! 

7.) Get to know your flat mates 

If you are staying in student accommodation or a flat share, put yourself out there and get to know your new flat mates. Offer to help them unpack, suggest a group trip to the supermarket, and always leave your door open to visitors! 

8.) And be a good neighbour 

Whatever you do, try not to be that flat mate you hear horror stories about. Clean up after yourself, look after yourself on nights out, and don’t blast loud music in the early hours of the morning. Being a bad flat mate is a surefire way to make no friends at uni. 

9.) Be yourself 

Here comes the cringey part – the best way to meet like-minded people is to be yourself. This way, you can ensure that you find the right friendship group for your personality. In other words, don’t pretend that you love rugby unless you want to be surrounded by people who love rugby.  

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