How To Maintain A Long-Distance University Relationship

University is a big test for any relationship. Depending on where you go, you and your partner could find yourself in opposite parts of the country (or maybe even the world!) With different schedules and a lack of physical contact, you might wonder – do University relationships really last? 

Maintaining a long-distance relationship while at Uni requires patience, communication and a lot of Facetiming. Check out our tips on how to maintain a relationship at University! 

  1. Find time for face-to-face chats 

When you are away from your partner, Facetime and Skype will become your best friends. While it might seem slightly formal, arranging time for a face-to-face chat is vital to maintaining a healthy long distance relationship. At the same time, be understanding if schedules change – University life gets busy! 

  1. Communicate 

Be open and honest about how you feel as the relationship progresses. Is something not working? Get it off your chest before your relationship is affected. Messages can easily be misunderstood over text, so plan a call if something important is on your mind! 

  1. Agree on how often to visit 

Reuniting after a long time is the moment that anyone in a long-distance relationship looks forward to. To make this work, you need to agree on how often to visit. Depending on finances, once every week might be a bit unrealistic – why not agree on once every fortnight?  

By keeping on top of planning, you can make sure you always have a fun date around the corner. 

  1. Make the most of your alone time 

It’s okay to miss your partner, but try not to let it get in the way of your University experience. Focus on your studies and your friends, while planning fun things to do when they come down to visit.  

  1. Be thoughtful and romantic 

When you are separated by distance, little romantic gestures can make a big difference. From sending a sweet message to ordering flowers or food to their accommodation, there are loads of ways to keep your romance alive! 

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