How to get back into study mode after Christmas break

With the cozy memories of Christmas still fresh in the mind, returning to university can feel like a bit of a shock to the system. However, the quicker you get back into the swing of things, the more you’ll get out of your time at Uni! Check out our run-down of the best ways to shake off those post-Christmas cobwebs.  

Tips for returning to study after Christmas

  • Use a planner 
  • Refresh your study space 
  • Start off slow and steady 
  • Get a regular sleep routine 
  • Join a study group with friends 
  • Give yourself something to look forward to 

Use a planner 

Unless you are super organised, your Christmas break probably didn’t follow any kind of schedule. To get back in the swing of things, prioritise making a study plan so you can anticipate upcoming exams and deadlines. Study plans will look even less tempting after the joys of Christmas and the New Year, but going with the flow will make it quite difficult to put your mind back in study mode! 

Refresh your study space 

After the laid-back charms of Christmas time, coming back to your same old study space might be a sign for your brain to switch off. Why not give your study space a little makeover? Invest in some shiny new stationary, refresh your study space, and don’t forget some colourful post-its! Do this, and you’ll be far more excited about the prospect of hitting the books.  

Start off slow and steady 

Going from an open schedule to hours of intensive study is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Instead, give yourself some time to adapt to your new routine. Start with a few gentle hours of study here and there and build up momentum a few weeks before your exams. This way you can keep on top of your workload without putting too much pressure on yourself! 

Get a regular sleep routine 

For most students, Christmas time means saying a big goodbye to any kind of healthy sleep schedule – or healthy eating habits. To get back into study mode, get into the habit of going to bed and waking up at a semi-regular time. Sure, you’ll have nights out and parties to keep up with. But getting enough sleep is vital to keeping your brain fresh and ready for study time.

Join a study group with friends 

Christmas is a perfect time to enjoy the company of friends back home. While you might be returning to uni, the good times don’t have to end here. By making a proper effort with your uni friends, and maybe even setting up a few study groups, you’ll likely walk away with friends for life.

Give yourself something to look forward to  

Study time can be pretty miserable without something to keep you motivated, so be sure to leave some time for activities that make you as happy as the Christmas break did. This could be a fun new hobby, exciting plans with friends, or just the latest episode of a show that you’ve been dying to watch. 

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