How To Get A Better Memory For University

In the hands of a student, knowing how to increase your memory might as well be a superpower. With exams, essay deadlines and even the names of new people, there’s a lot to keep track of in a student’s brain. If you can barely remember what you had for dinner last night, we’ve got the tips you need to gain some memory power.

Tips to increase mind power and memory

  1. Do brain training
  2. Eat some memory-boosting foods
  3. Spend time with people
  4. Get physical
  5. Mix up your routine
  6. Sleep more

Do brain training

One of the best ways to increase brain power and memory is to give your brain a proper workout. The brain is like any other muscle, and needs to be exercised to stay healthy. There are plenty of brain training apps to give your mind a proper exercise. Start a puzzle, play a game of cards or expand your vocabulary. Say yes to anything that trains your mind. Why not test yourself by learning a new skill?

Eat some brain boosting foods

It’s called brain food for a reason. There are a number of foods that you can use for your brain memory. Eating more fish, fruit and vegetables is an obvious way to boost your brain power, but did you know that dark chocolate is also proven to help brain function? Meanwhile, try to cut down on alcohol and fast food if you need to remember something important.

Spend time with people

Of all the things to help improve your memory, socialising with others is the most unexpected. You would think that spending time with other people would be a distraction from taking in new information – right? Wrong. It is proven that spending time conversing with other people every day keeps your brain on its toes and improves memory retention!

Get some exercise

Keeping in shape is only one of the benefits of physical exercise. Going out for a run, swim or cycle for around 30 minutes per day gives a huge boost to brain memory and activity.

Mix up your routine

Trying to retain information in the same way every day can get stale really quickly. Your mind needs to stay interested in what you are doing, so switch up your study routine. Switch up your environment, revision style or the music you are listening to while doing it. This will make it much less likely that your attention will wander.

Sleep more

Your brain needs rest to function properly. Not getting the right amount of sleep will mean you lack the energy to pick up new information during the day. You won’t remember anything by falling asleep in your open textbook. If you have just digested a ton of information, a quick nap will do a lot to help you retain it.

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