How To Decorate Your Uni Room

Okay, so you’ve moved into your student accommodation – what now? Once you’ve finished unpacking your stuff, it’s time to start thinking of decorating your Uni room.

Your new uni room is a blank slate for you to show off your fantastic personality. Looking for some Uni room inspiration? Keep reading for some easy ways that you can nail your University room decor.

University room ideas:

  • Prioritise your study space
  • Give your bedding some character
  • Add strip lights
  • Create a fun schedule board
  • Sort out tangled wires
  • Pin up your memories
  • Make use of tidy storage boxes

Prioritise your study space

Your study space is crucial for your studies, but also your whole Uni room aesthetic. Clear your desk, and think of ways to make your study space more inviting. After all, you should be spending a LOT of time here! Add some colour in the way of plants or interesting toys. Make sure this space never gets too crammed with notes or stationary.

Give your bedding some character

Make your space feel like home with some colourful bedding. Your bed will be the scene for many a lazy day during your time at uni. Whether you’re watching Netflix or catching a midday nap, give your bed the extra care it deserves.

Add strip lights

When thinking of cool stuff for your Uni room, it doesn’t get much better than strip lights. At night, your room will pretty much look like a nightclub. Impress your flatmates with the immaculate vibes of your mood lighting. All without spending more than £20!

Create a fun schedule board

Keeping on track with your studies isn’t fun. But it can be. Create a fun-looking timetable to keep on top of revision, classes and other daily activities. Refer to this and you’ll never be late for anything!

Sort out tangled wires

Nothing says mess like a bunch of tangled cables. And nothing says tripping hazard quite like it either. Invest in a cable manager to keep all of your cables organised. Better yet, make one yourself!

Pin up your memories

Keep your family and friends close to you with some cherished memories from home. If you are ever in a bad place, photos can give you a much needed lift. Print your photos out and use blue tack, or invest in some fancy frames!

Make use of tidy storage boxes

If you have a lot of stuff to take to uni – don’t let it get out of hand. Buy some cheap storage boxes that can easily be stowed away under your bed or wardrobe. A clear space is a clear mind!

Now that you have some Uni room decor ideas, it’s time to put them into action. Every Student’s budget-friendly student rooms are the perfect space to turn your ideas into a reality, without paying through the nose for your accommodation!

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