How to deal with social anxiety at University 

Meeting new people and making friends for life is one of the highlights of the University experience. However, not everyone is a natural at gelling with new people – after all, the idea of chatting to strangers you may or may get on with can be quite scary. 

If you are someone who gets shaky about social interactions, here are some of the ways to push past your social anxiety at uni: 

Block out negative thoughts 

Okay, so this is a lot easier said than done. But try not to think of the worst possible outcome every time you head out to socialize, and remind yourself that every student is likely going through the same thing! Instead, remind yourself of all of the good social interactions that you’ve had, wear a smile (even if you’re scared beyond belief), and reap the rewards of your more positive outlook. 

Talk about it 

If you’re going through a difficult time, the last thing you should do is bottle it up inside you. So whether you’re speaking to a friend or seeking help from a Mental Health Advisor at uni, don’t suffer in silence! Once you’ve got your feelings out into the open, you can get some help on how to address them! 

Don’t feel pressured to attend every event 

You might feel like attending more social events will help you tackle your social anxiety head on.  

However, while it’s good to show your face now and then, don’t feel like you need to attend every uni event on the social calendar – this could serve to trigger more feelings of anxiety! Give yourself a chance to rest, recharge and enjoy some alone time – you’ll feel much more energised and ready to socialise.  

Look after your physical health 

You might not think it, but what you put in your body has a huge impact on your feelings of anxiety. For example, a diet of alcohol, pot noodles and caffeine is a recipe for an anxious student. Instead, take it easy on the junk food, learn how to cook delicious healthy meals, and try your best to stay physically active. Remember – a healthy body is a healthy mind! 

Chat with friends and family 

Few things put you at ease more than catching up with friends and family. So on those tough uni days where you don’t know who to talk to, try to catch up with your friends and family! 

Speaking to your friends and family can give you a much-needed lift on those tough uni days, as well as helpful advice! They can also give you helpful advice and motivational words to help you overcome your fear of socializing!  

Choose a welcoming student accommodation 

Need a surefire way of overcoming your uni anxiety? Why not find student accommodation where you can truly feel at home. In between your lectures and lively nights out, your student room will be the place you spend most of your time in – so make sure you find a place where you can truly be yourself. 

With Every Student’s affordable student rooms in Aberdeen and Southampton, you’ll be in the perfect environment to forget your feelings of anxiety. Alongside common rooms and activities that make socialising easier, you’ll also get the option to withdraw to the privacy and comfort of your room on those anti-social days.  

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