How to be a good neighbour at University  

Alongside the early morning lectures and late night cramming sessions, few things are more integral to the uni experience than a good house party. But if your student residence is located off campus, you’ll find that not everyone is as understanding of your need to boogie!  

Want to enjoy your University experience with minimal noise complaints? Here are some of the best ways to be a good neighbour at University: 

Introduce yourself 

When you start life in your student flat, first impressions are key! Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and maybe even build a line of communication by exchanging numbers. If you start your relationship on the right foot, it will be much less awkward to resolve things if you or your flatmates cross a line. 

Be respectful with noise 

If you were able to design the perfect neighbour at your University flat, peace and quiet are the first qualities that would come to mind. If people have jobs or school to wake up early for, there are few things more irritating than a booming sound system or a neighbour that arrives late (and loud) into the night. With this in mind, be as respectful as possible of the sound you make, and choose a suitable time for complete silent mode – most people will be okay with around 11pm.  

Keep your home clean and tidy 

You might not think so, but keeping your student home as tidy as possible will go a long way to boosting your neighbour relationships. Why? If you are someone who can’t be asked to put rubbish in your bin, or crams your bin with more rubbish than it can take, this could encourage some daring foxes to tear open your rubbish bags for a better look at what’s inside! Unless you want to see last night’s leftovers on your pavement, be mindful of where your rubbish goes, and get into a routine of emptying your bags! 

Let your neighbours know about any parties 

As a student, you’ll want to know that you can enjoy the occasional party without having to worry about police being called for noise complaints. To give yourself peace of mind, let your neighbours know about your party plans in advance, with either a friendly note or a face-to-face conversation. Still, that doesn’t mean that you have the excuse to turn your student home into a late night club! 

Be calm and understanding  

Unless you are a completely model citizen, there might be times when your neighbour comes to you with a concern or issue they want to raise. In times like these, it’s best to listen, stay calm and think clearly about how you want to respond. Your neighbours could be elderly people or parents of young children, so try to be as understanding as possible instead of getting frustrated! 

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