How To Ace A Group Project At University

University group projects are a dreaded prospect for most students. Forcing you to team up with strangers, there’s always the chance that your grade will suffer when someone doesn’t pull their weight. Don’t want to be left carrying your teammates over the finishing line? Learn the secrets to a successful group project below! 

What are the benefits of group work for students? 

You might not look forward to doing them, but there are loads of benefits to group work at University. Uni group work sets you up for later life, giving you skills like communication, planning and time-management. They also help to build your confidence when interacting with other people – a vital trait that you’ll need in the workplace! 

Tips for a successful group project 

  • Get to know your team 
  • Assign tasks to different people 
  • Set a good example 
  • Include everyone and be nice! 
  • Keep in contact 

Get to know your team 

Working with strangers is a lot easier if they are no longer strangers. Why not overcome the initial awkwardness by heading off for a pre-project coffee or lunch? You’ll get to learn your team’s strengths, weaknesses and their style of working. The sooner you’ve broken the ice with your teammates, the sooner you can start deciding on how to divide the workload.  

Assign tasks to different people 

Now for the not-so-fun part – the actual work! Make sure you and your teammates understand the assignment and start to delegate tasks based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Most students have quite a busy schedule, so make sure that any timelines or deadlines are crystal clear! If you feel like you might work better together, book a quiet study space at a time that works for everyone. 

Keep in contact 

Good communication is a vital part of any group project. Set up a group chat, and use it to check-in with your team so everyone knows where you’re at. Make use of a shared document tool like Google Drive so you never lose track of anyone’s progress. If you feel like you might be struggling with your part of the assignment, ask a teammate for help! 

Include everyone and be nice! 

Not everyone at University will be confident about expressing their ideas. Help to create a friendly environment where the quieter students feel more comfortable having their say. If there is an idea you don’t agree with, make polite suggestions instead of crushing someone’s dreams. Your group project will benefit from different perspectives and ideas! 

Set a good example 

There’s always one, but don’t be that student who sits back and lets their team do all the work. As well as being extremely annoying, you’ll get nothing out of your group work! When it comes time to present your work, your tutor will be able to tell if you don’t know your stuff. Do what you have to do, and your teammates will be more likely to follow suit. 

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