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Here we are again: the dreaded exam season. A time where stress settles in, and fun times seem way way ahead of you. No-one really enjoys revising, but there are a few ways of making the process a bit easier to survive. Racking your brains for study ideas? Join as we run through some of the best study tips for University students. 

Best exam revision tips: 

  • Prepare your study space 
  • Do exam past papers 
  • Study with friends 
  • Get enough sleep 
  • Take a social media break 
  • Give yourself a break 

Prepare your study space 

When it comes time to study, your environment is everything. After all, you can’t be expected to focus when you’re surrounded by a distracting tower of clutter. Do what you can to remove any distractions, and create an environment that helps you get comfortable and into the zone. Remember: calm space, calm mind! 

Do exam past papers 

Is there any better way to prepare for an exam than by looking at the questions that come up? Probably not. Practicing past papers gives you a good sense of the challenges to come, while encouraging you to talk about the themes of your topic. This can also be a big help when it comes to managing your time in the exam – as long as you get your stopwatch ready! 

Study with friends 

Wondering how you can make exam revision fun? Well, with great difficulty. However, recruiting some friends to join in your revision quest will make the time go a lot quicker. Form a study group and as well as generally having a better time, you’ll also be able to fuse multiple brains to overcome problems in your subject area. As an added bonus, you can also make some new friends! 

Get enough sleep 

We know it might be tempting to bang out all nighters in pursuit of that extra bit of revision. But doing this can actually be quite counterproductive for your exam period. No one can exist on limited sleep, and your brain could end up shutting down at the moment you need it most. Instead, aim for around 8 hours a sleep per night in the build-up, and organise your revision to do it during the day! 

Take a social media break 

Nothing is more alluring to a procrastinating student than the ding of a social media notification. But when you need to get your head down and revise, this is just about the last thing you need. For the good of your exam grades, think about taking a bit of a break from social media – or at least turn your phone off during study time. Your friends will be waiting for you once your exams are finished! (well, hopefully) 

Give yourself a break 

We know – giving yourself a break goes against the idea of taking a social media break. But no one can function by working nonstop without some downtime. Save some time for you to focus on doing the things you like, and maybe even some plans to do when you’re on the other side of exam season.  

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