Best Valentines Ideas for Students 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to think about how you can make the day special for your partner. Whether you’re going on a first date or taking out a long-time partner, the expectations around Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming – especially if you are doing it all on a measly student budget! 

Looking to make a big impression on that special person in your life? Check out some of our best Valentine’s Day ideas for students: 

Go on an activity date 

Nervous about meeting your Valentine? An activity date is an easy way to break the ice. You could go bowling, mini golf, or even hit a roller disco! Once you and your date are in the competitive spirit, the conversation will be flowing in no time.  

Make a home-cooked meal 

Nothing says romance like a candle-lit dinner that you’ve cooked yourself! You could go for something classic like a steak dinner, or recreate Lady and the Tramp with some spaghetti and meatballs. You’ll save money on eating out at a restaurant, while impressing your date with your culinary skills.  

Movie marathon 

Are you and your date not-so-secret film fanatics? Valentine’s Day could be a great opportunity to share your love of movies with a late-night movie marathon. There are plenty of romantic movies you can choose from, from famous flicks like When Harry Met Sally to modern day classics like Crazy, Stupid, Love.  

Organise a scavenger hunt 

Depending on the stage of your relationship, a scavenger hunt will really show you are going the extra mile for that special person. You can leave little post-it notes around your apartment or city, harking back to some of your most memorable moments, and end the night in style at a nice restaurant.  

Get creative  

Looking for something a bit different? Why not do something creative to truly make the day stand out. You and your date could pick up canvases to paint each other, make hand-crafted cards or you could head out for a pottery class (depending on your budget!). No matter what your skill level is, you and your date will come away with something special to commemorate the day! 

Take a walk around your town 

Exploring the great outdoors will give you a great opportunity to learn more about your date, and enjoy some quality time away from distractions. You could visit a nature park, take in your city’s sights and attractions, or head out further for a hike through the woods. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing! 

Whether you want to watch a romantic flick or set up a Valentines-themed dinner, Every Student’s affordable student rooms have got your back. With locations in Aberdeen and Southampton, learn more about our rooms today. 

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