Best Drinking Games For Uni Students

Getting drunk amongst friends is usually fun, but there’s nothing quite like a drinking game to get your uni night out started. Drinking games help you break the ice with strangers, while getting you drunk in the most fun way possible! Feeling competitive? Check out our list of the best student drinking games.

Uni drinking games:

  • Beer pong
  • Ring of fire
  • Never have I ever
  • Drinking Jenga
  • Paranoid

Beer pong

Beer pong is a classic uni drinking game that you probably know the rules to already. Get into teams and line up two triangles of drinking cups, filling them with a shot of whatever alcohol you fancy. You then take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opponent team’s cup – whenever you hit the target, your opponent has to drink!

This is a perfect game for you to join forces with people you don’t know, and the delight of forcing someone else to drink is priceless. Just remember to wash the ball after each throw!

Ring of fire

Ring of Fire is another favourite amongst uni students, but the rules are a bit more complicated! Start by placing a large cup on your table, shuffle a pack of cards, and put them face down surrounding the cup. Going around the circle, you take turns picking a card – each one has a different meaning, which can be found below:

2 – You can pick someone to drink.

3 – You drink

4 – All women drink

5 – You can put your thumb on the table at any point, and everyone else must copy. The last person drinks!

6 – All men drink

7 – You can raise your hand whenever you want, and everyone must copy you. The last person to do so drinks!

8 – You pick a drinking buddy to drink whenever you do.

9 – The person who pulled the card says a word, then you go around the circle naming words that rhyme with it until someone fails.

10 – Think of a category, for example pop stars, and go around until someone can’t think of one – this person then has to drink!

Jack – Make a rule that everyone has to follow.

Queen – If someone asks you a question they have to drink.

King – You pour some of your drink into the middle cup. If it’s the last king, you will have to drink the middle cup!

Ace – Starting with the player who drew the card, everyone has to drink until the person before them stops.

Never have I ever

Never have I ever is a tantalising game that can help you unlock the deepest, darkest secrets of your friends or housemates. Someone will start the game by saying  ‘never have I ever…’, usually completing the sentence with something crazy that they’ve done. If you have also done this action, you have to drink – it’s as simple as that!

Drinking Jenga

This game is both very simple, and incredibly tense. Jenga is a tower made of 2×4 wooden blocks that you have to remove one by one until it collapses. Take turns surgically extracting blocks from the tower, and the unlucky person who makes it fall has to take a shot! Rebuild the pile and replay until everyone is suitably smashed.


If you really want to spice things up, this game can’t be beat! It starts with one person whispering a question into the ear of the person next to them – the answer has to be somebody in the group. For example, the question could be, “who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?”, but there are no limits to what you can ask! If the person named wants to find out what the question was, they have to drink!

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